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Topic: Race Car Driver - Looking to join a team - Yaniv

My name is Yaniv Hakim.

I have been practicing racing for 5 years with a late model stock car and other sports cars.
It is a huge passion of mine.

I am attending SCCA racing class very soon at one of the greatest racing schools in the US.

I cuurently live in Los-Angeles , California.
And I have moved from Israel to the US to enhance my racing career.

I am a self taught car mechanic with 10 years experiance to include over a hundred car restorations including the engine rebuild , transmission, brakes and suspension.
I am also skilled at finding electrronic issues by multimeter and electronic schematics.

Here is a video of me racing a late model car:
https://www.facebook.com/yaniv.hakim.7/ … 469219402/

My facebook mechanic shop:
https://www.facebook.com/pg/FloorAutomo … ge/videos/

Happy New Year!

May this year bring you and yours blessings and happiness.

Thanks you in advance
Yaniv Hakim
Email: yanivh.top@gmail.com