Topic: RV Rental Websites - Any Good?

After 2 years of rain at Jersey, and a frigid Road Atlanta and Barber, I am thinking about renting an RV for some races.  They aren't super cheap, but if the team can live in the RV for the race then the price could be less than that of everyone getting a hotel room.  Plus, being out of the elements is really nice.  I always camp, so constant rain and/or freezing temps are less than fun in most cases.  The snow at Road Atlanta managed to partially collapse the tent once, and then the rain eventually started seeping through the tent sad  So, has anyone had any experience with RV rental sites?  It's a little sketchy to me.


Re: RV Rental Websites - Any Good?

I'm using for Barber, it's an annoying concept as after booking one I got a bunch of emails from other owners trying to rent me theirs. I guess they all got notified that I was looking.

I'll let you know how it works out, I booked a 35 ft travel trailer that sleeps 11.

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Re: RV Rental Websites - Any Good?

We've used RVshare with success for some tracks, and find it preferable to some of the corporate places.
Trying out a new one,, for the NOLA race this year.

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