E28 528e parts FREE must go by Sunday (January 14th)

Click for pics … 3844427587

The deal is it is 100% free, but you habe to take everything! Otherwise calling metal scrapper to take everything Sunday.

M20b27 stroker was running well,  passed smog before removing for S38 swap.  Includes afm, hoses,  dme (no engine harness)... only needs FPR to run. Fits e30 also

Mid exhaust section wth extra cat makes passing smog a breeze (rear section included too... has a couple small cracks)

Getrag G260 transmission... works great also.. no clunk or grinds,  fits e30 also

Good flywheel (dual mass) and clutch... lots of meat left

Rebuilt brake calipers with carriers, and Stoptect pads (rear have a little life,  fronts almost new)

Brake discs,  no wobbles,  car stopped smoothly on these (upgraded to e34 brakes)

Stock sway bars,  newer bushings

Stock springs,  cut 1 1/3 coil in front 2.5 coils in back... car wasn't too low,  and had a firm ride... went with ST springs after swap.

Headlight bracket + two good bulbs  (e30 also)

E24 rear springs stock

E39 thrust arms with power flex poly bushings.... needs boots on the ball joints.. otherwise still good.

E46 m3 brake pads oem.. lots of pad left

+Some odds n ends nothing extraordinary

I want this to go to an enthusiast instead of the scrap yard... even if it is to someone that will sell it of slow... in Marina del Rey.. come n get it all... and yes FREE!

Three one zero 663 0146 call/txt

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