Re: Nothing to see here. Just another dive-bomb by an E36.

The easing out was cringeworthy but what you probably don't see is I was waved in by the car I jumped in front of.

Re: Nothing to see here. Just another dive-bomb by an E36.

Another thing that can be helpful if you find yourself in this type of situation and you can tell the person behind you “may” try sneaking up on the inside is to place your car on the inside line before you get to the corner. I have used this very sparingly in corners that benefit from it, and then evaluate if / how i let person pass. Kindof depends on what led up to it.
If i just passed the car that has been slowly pulling away from me in every straight for the last 2laps but ive been on them every single turn, i might use his to suggest “it took a while to pass you, but hold off a corner and ill get away from you by going faster through corners”.
If the car is one that behaved oddly / overly aggrssive, i might use this to indicate “you have to go around the outside if you HAVE to pass me right now” and then make space for them to pass on the exit/ next straight.

Not an easy situation for sure, but glad that damage was minimal.

I do think its lame when hitters dont at least come by to apologize / offer help if they messed something up