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Topic: Chicago Area Novice Driver/Wrencher looking for a team

Hello Internet!

I'm a 28 year old software engineer in the SCCA Chicago Land Region looking for a team. I have just completed my first season of autocross, attending 13 events in Chicago and Milwaukee. Placed 5th out of 60 drivers in my local region Novice class, 90th out of 368 on PAX. I had a coworker at a previous job who is on team Anonymous who would hype it up and I'm looking to get in.

I've been working on cars since I was 6 with my dad. I've done all of the following with cars:
-Rotor/Pad and Drum brake replacement
-Oil Change
-Coolant Flush
-belt/radiator replacement
-alternator replacement
-pulley replacements
-Coilover Install
-Window Regulator replacement
-Stereo head unit/amplifier install

I'm always down to learn new skills and work with others. I don't like to put my ego into things.

I autocross a 2017 BMW M2, and a I daily drive a 2015 Chevy Volt. I am a BMWCCA and SCCA member.
Previous cars I've worked on:
-1999 BMW 323i(Daily drove this car from 2007-2014)
-1994 Ford Econoline 150
-2006 Mazda 6
-1994 Toyota Corolla
-2004 Nissan Maxima
-2013 LandRover LR3
-2014 BMW 320i
-2007 Volkswagen Beetle

I'm super passionate about BMWs, I can drive stick, and I'm really excited at the opportunity to work and learn with you!

I can offer OBD2 bluetooth dongles/10Hz GPS/2 Action Cameras/Windsheild suction cup X-mount/solostorm datalogger to a team that wants to pick me up. I'm also good with computer programming and building stuff with raspberry pis, and I can solder.

I look forward to hearing from anyone about anything!

Re: Chicago Area Novice Driver/Wrencher looking for a team

But how do you feel about bacon?  Are you willing to wear embarrassing costumes to complete a theme?  Are you capable of driving for 3+ hours at 7/10's in a traffic density of the Dan Ryan at rush hour (about 45 cars per mile) without getting the red mist or needing to pee.

All your experience listed is helpful but the right mindset, wrenching skills, and the ability to keep yourself out of the penalty box is what a lot of teams are looking for...or maybe just us.

Team Bad Decisions might be looking for a 7th or 8th driver for a two car assault on Autobahn https://www.facebook.com/BadDecisionsRacing/.  We are a team that takes enjoying the full Lemons experience seriously...with racing as only a medium-sized part of that.

The Dustbuster is (usually) stone cold reliable at this point and can out brake more than half the field, pull some cars on the straights (including certain BMW's) and is just OK in the corners.  It is consistently in the running for a Class C win.

The 1948 Plymouth will no longer be stock'ish for this race so instead of finishing in the top half of the field because it just went round and round (slowly), it is likely to have some bugs.  It will also be incredibly quick, might turn well and should brake well...when it is on track.

Plan is at least one long stint in the van and minimum one short stint in the Plymouth...more if it is on track the whole time.  Additionally, both cars will do the test and tune on Friday.

Ping me if you would like to come down and meet some of the team on the next build day.  We are all over IL and IN but the super-secret race car development center is in the far south suburbs of Chicago.

Re: Chicago Area Novice Driver/Wrencher looking for a team

Q: How do I feel about bacon?
A: I'm allergic to pork. It will destroy my insides and cause massive damage to any lavatory I visit. I've had beef/turkey bacon. Its okay. I'm not crazy about it.

Q: Am I willing to wear embarrassing costumes to complete a theme?
A: I've been embarrassing myself for as long as I can remember. If its for the team, I'm in!

Q: Am I capable of driving for 3+ hours at 7/10th in a traffic density of the Dan Ryan at Rush hour without getting red misted or needing to pee?
A: I drive from Naperville to the north side of Chicago every day for work(Devon and Ridge). I leave my house at 6:45am every day, and sit in traffic til 8:30am when I get to the office. I get out of work at 4pm, and sit in traffic til 5:30-6pm every day to come home. I'm very patient and calm when it comes to driving in dumb congestion. If I monitor when I have my water intake, I can manage not peeing. I'm stuck in traffic for almost 3hrs every day commuting to work. I've also driven on plenty of roadtrips on long distance shift drives for 3+ hrs at a time. Chicago to San Diego/Miami/Toronto have all been done in the last 3 years.

I liked the Facebook page smile

Yes I am down to meet the team on the next build day. Once I figure out how to PM, I will give you my contact information and we can go from there!