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Just relocated to Phoenix from England. Have been following the antics of the Lemons racers for years, now looking to get involved.

I have traveled all over Europe preparing and working on championship winning historic touring cars, formula fords, gt cars and drivers (not all historic). Having done that for 5+ years around school and other work, I have done my share of track days and test days, just never had the funds or the time to enter a series.

Bottom line for me is to have fun, and meet like minded people.

Let me know if you want a helping hand.


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You need to come down to the race in less than two weeks. We will be there and pretty much every other Phx team there is!

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Yea definitely come down to the race!

Would be great to meet more local guys. Feel free to contact any of us directly beforehand if you'd like.


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I will be there this weekend, definitely Saturday and maybe Sunday.

Looking forward to meeting you all.