Topic: CMP Sunday Service

I wanted to see if anyone would be interested in having a short church service during the quiet hour on Sunday at CMP.  Nothing fancy, just maybe 3 or 4 songs and a short scripture reading with discussion.  I figure 40 minutes max.  I’m happy to organize, but wanted to see if there was a desire for it.  I certainly don’t want to push anything people don’t want, but I know I miss being in the fellowship on race weekends and thought others might feel the same.  Please respond if you would like to participate or think you’d attend.

Re: CMP Sunday Service

Hi David:

I won't be racing that weekend, but I appreciate your efforts. We had Sunday Chapel at IndyCar weekends. All sorts of people would show up. Corner workers, drivers, engineers, support staff. 100 people crammed into a meeting room.

It's worth doing if it's just you and one other person...


Re: CMP Sunday Service

Definitely agree. I might try and put something together for Thompson along those lines.