Topic: Need Driver for Joliet

Jackleg Racing is looking for a last minute driver to round out our lineup at Joliet in April.  We are not a super competitive team so speed doesn't really matter, really looking for someone who is safe and able to keep the car on the track.

The car is a 97 plymouth neon.  Its has done a handful of races and has held up pretty well.  We usually run in the middle of class B, its not the slowest car in the field but its also far from the fastest.  It is easy to drive and predictable.  We come pretty well stocked with spare parts so we can usually fix most mechanical issues that pop up.

First timers and noobs welcome as long as you are safe on track and have a good attitude and willing to have some fun.  The car and team are not capable of being competitive so if you are looking to set lap records this might not be the team for you.  If you are looking to have some fun, hang out and drive a ridiculous looking car on a racetrack then you might be our kind of driver.

If you're interested email me for details or with questions.  Also, the database closes in about a week I think so time is kinda of the essence.

Brad Carter
Jackleg Racing

Re: Need Driver for Joliet

Seat is filled