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I am starting to believe this is happening. I got the wife to agree to go with me on the Route Sucky Suck rally. We bought a slightly abused 1988 XJ6, and now I've registered for the event. It's getting real, y'all.
Now the worrying starts. Is our car awful enough? Is it too awful? Should I be worried that I've never turned a wrench on a Jaguar before, and I'm not great at troubleshooting electrical issues? big_smile Was it a good idea to choose a 4400 mile round trip (starting and ending in north Texas) for our first event? I'm determined to set all that aside and have a good time.

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You have the EXACT car you need and your lack of Jag experience is absolutely perfect for the trip. Toy with it and drive it for the next few months and I am sure you will be fine. Besides AAA membership is only $100 or so... you'll be fine.  Forget about the bad Jag electrical and mechanical reputation and trust the British. After all, they are not French!

Its Old enough, Its a Jag, but does it look bad? I'd start working on that! Either janky as hell or well themed! Maybe a spare outboard motor with a tire on it in case the Jag 6 lets go!

You'll have a blast and likely wont die along a lonely stretch of road!

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Jags aren't that bad. Make sure you know where your rollover switch is and how to bypass it. Make sure your igniter is well grounded. Make sure your starter wiring is in good shape. Also build a shrine to Joseph Lucas in your house and make sure to make daily sacrifices to the wiring smoke gods.

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Nah dude you're good. I've done three so far (missed the last one, hope everyone else is as disappointed in me as I am) and I broke 5000 miles total distance on all of them. Last winter my Lada did 6000 miles without skipping a beat. Well by that I mean there was no catastrophic failure. You at least stand a chance of finding parts that fit within a reasonable distance.

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briangomez wrote:

Its Old enough, Its a Jag, but does it look bad?

That may be one of the bad points of the car. It looks fine... Not too bad at all, really. The previous owner got it painted at Maaco, and it's holding up as well as one might hope for, from a Maaco paint job. :'(

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I don't have the courage to drive something that new. My brother and I did the west coast rally the first two years, in an Edsel and a Corvair. you can buy ignition points for either of them at chain parts stores! so they're easy to fix. A, that takes guts!

see you there. We're working on the 1940 LaSalle hearse for that one.

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