Topic: looking for a lemon flavored drive on the west coast

Hey out there in Lemonland,

I'm a first-time lemon driver, long time watcher. I love long romantic walks through pitlane and the smell of tire smoke in the morning. I have never missed an episode of Survivor and was watching Top Gear before Captain Slow was added to the show. I've been told to f*&k off by Tony Stewart and lived to talk about it. I have track experience at Sonoma and Thunderhill during track weekends with the mini club and Hooked on Driving events.

Willing to wrench, cook, get lattes, photograph and obviously drive. Love to join a team and share my passion for all things racing. I'm a hard worker and a team player even for single player games.

Did I mention I'm a photographer as well, who doesn't want pretty photos of their Lemon experience to show grandma?

Willing to bribe with a 12 pack of Pabst if needed.

Few of my track days:

Photos can be seen here: … sport.html

I'm local to the San Francisco area but love to find a team for Thunderhill, Sonoma, Buttonwillow, or the Ridge out here on the Lemon Coast


Re: looking for a lemon flavored drive on the west coast

Give me a text in the morning 925-382-1058

Thanks Chris Overzet

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Re: looking for a lemon flavored drive on the west coast

Hey Kurt,
We run the white crown vic "Queen Vic" with a 5 speed which appropriately handles like a boat but is fairly reliable. Currently my buddy and I own the car and have regular guest drivers although our recent drivers have been hard on the car. When he and I lost two drivers in December we ran with just both of us with minor issues finished 21 out of 175 or so. We are both out of San Rafael and would entertain another committed racer if you want to chat more. Shoot me an email if interested.

Here's some recent action: