Topic: Recommendations for removable steering?


What brand / set up removable steering connectors have folks used and liked?

Any to positively recommend? Any to positively avoid?



Re: Recommendations for removable steering?

We use a NRG set up.  It is a little pricey but it fit right on, no welding, and it is indexed so there is no worries if the wheel is straight.

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Re: Recommendations for removable steering?

We really like our Strange Quick Release.

It's splined and keyed, but the spud does need to be welded to the steering shaft. But the spud is like $20 so no big deal when you change cars. … -car.html/

The NRG is really slick too.

The push button Hex type is the main one to stay away from.

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Re: Recommendations for removable steering?

Love my Sparco bolt-on.

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Re: Recommendations for removable steering?

I have been using JEGS hubs on my cars for years with good luck … 6/10002/-1

If you have a GM racer they sell an insert that takes the place of the factory steering wheel, makes life simple and easy.

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Re: Recommendations for removable steering?

Thanks everyone!

Re: Recommendations for removable steering?

When the collapsible steering column rule went into effect, we installed one of those cheap Speedway columns with a built-in splined quick release hub. It's not indexed, which can annoy our more OCD drivers like myself, but you can always paint a line down the center of the shaft. It also has a little play in the hub, but not in the axial (steering) direction. It has worked well in a practical sense; it locks in place unambiguously, no accidental disconnects or anything like that.

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