Topic: Chevy Manifold question.

This is a long term engine build that I'm doing...our Corvette is my main focus, but that doesn't mean I can't keep my eyes open for parts for my personal road car.

The car is an 84' Monte Carlo SS.  I was able to score a 400 small block from one of my uncles for cheap.  The engine is tired, but it has never been rebuilt so its going to be the basis to replace the tired 350 that's currently in the car.

Two years ago I managed to pick up a holley pro-jection fuel injection kit for my car.  It was used, but hardly at all!  still in the box with extra injectors and so forth and VERY cheap.   I know its not AS GOOD as the more modern systems that have come out since but the car runs great on it, I don't like carbs,  so its going to stay.

Since I'm doing a full rebuild on the 400 I'm wondering what intake manifold to use?   I HAVE a Weiand stealth intake that I could use.  But I'm considering other ideas. 

I can still get my paws on a holley made intake for this injection. … Y9EALw_wcB

So part of me wonders if this would be the best idea, it was MADE for the throttle body afterall.

But time has marched on since then.  I have an adaptor plate for it so I can bolt it up to any square bore manifold.  I wonder if I would not do better with an Edelbrock  EPS??  or maybe an airgap??  OR maybe...something else?? 

Main goal is a torque since the car is heavy and its automatic.  But I do plan to do some track days with it after I'm done so I can't JUST make it a truck engine.

Thoughts??? Questions??? Comments??

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Re: Chevy Manifold question.

I had a performer intake and performer 700 cfm on a 400 in a 74 Nova auto. Was a motor in need of a rebuild but seemed to pick it up over the stock intake and quad, rolled over pretty bad after about 4800 rpm the stock cam was a little flattened... Think I would go with stock tbi manifold if it's a mild build, air gap if you go with aftermarket heads and 500+ cam. If you want my perform for cheap fourm email me