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Seasoned Lemon looking for a team to join for the June 30/race at Gingerman.  Have raced 17 Lemons races, mostly in the west, but did race recent Autobahn event.  I've now relocated to Indy area.  If you need a driver who stays on track, doesn't tear up equipment and your race car will accommodate a 6'4" driver LMK.

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We are likely looking for two drivers for the double threat of the re-born 1947 Plymouth and the Dustbuster minivan.  Minivan is a Class C challenger likely a 2-3 hour stint in that than undetermined time but evenly split time in the supercharged wonder. 

Probably be $750 for about 3.5 hours of track time plus test and tune on both cars.  That includes food, some sort of accommodations (RV spot or the enclosed trailer) and everything else except Thursday dinner and your drivers gear.

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I can vouch for Max. I race with him on another team, and he is a no drama kinda guy that would benefit any team. I wish he could fit his bones in my Breadvan, I would take him anytime.

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I can also vouch for Max. Max has driven my car several times. He would probably be driving in it again if I didn't have to skip this race. Good driver.

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