Topic: Short term car storage before Great Lakes rally

I am still looking and deciding on a car for the rally but before I buy/have someone buy for me, I need to be able to have it stored somewhere till the rally.  I would fly in, and drive it off.
Anyone in the area have an extra spot to park a car for a month?  Car would be registered and insured, so you'd be welcome to use it....and I could pay you in Lemons currency (beer, food, etc.)

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Re: Short term car storage before Great Lakes rally

I have plenty of grass parking at Bad Decisions East campus in Lake Station, IN.  Despite having 1500 sq ft of asphalt, it is all full up at the moment.  The primary issue with that is I am in some serious bottom land.  It is too soupy right now to get street cars in an out but should be OK in a week or two.  If it is, I will likely be dragging the Volga (no plates or possibility of getting plates) back there anyway opening up a spot on the asphalt.  The '47 Plymouth is going over to our South campus this weekend but as soon as it is prepped it likely coming right back.

Summer is usually dry enough to not be an issue but we have seen no indications we will have summer this year.