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Topic: Spokane WA Driver/Wrench looking for Team

Hi all!

Medium time listener, first time caller. I'm in Spokane WA looking for a team for July's event in Shelton. I'm hoping to find a group in the  Spokane area. Anyone know of any?

I'm good with a wrench, a soldering iron, an a laptop. I've got a mind an abacus that's stuck in a steel trap.  I solo drove my first car at two (2) years old.

Need wiring/electrical work? I'll be all over it. Welding? Not so much ...yet.  I excel at organisation, planning, and preparation.

I've got a fair few tools, sockets, wrenches, jack, light duty rattle gun, drill, calipers, dial indicator, multi-meter, etc.

Vehicles wise I have a 92 Suburban and a 06 Yukon XL I could haul gear and people with. My Yukon could be used for tow rig, but would need a bit to get it highway tow worthy. The Suburban is unknown as a tow rig, I got it recently and haven't tried towing with it at all.

I also have a 20ft fantail trailer that could be made available for hauling a car if necessary. It's a heavy bastard though, built for hauling a skid steer. I do not have proper tie downs for hauling vehicles for it.

Driving wise, started driving at two (yes, there's a story). More recently, I placed third in the RWD class at the 2nd 2017 Hangover Rally at Spokane Raceway Park    ...using my Yukon.