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Due to change in zoning, we lost our shop near Selfridge ANG.  Currently, all the equipment is loaded into a trailer (best purchase ever), and we are looking for a new space.

Old shop was about 2400 sf, but could use a considerably smaller shop, depending.  Would be willing to possible share space with another team, we have a decent amount of tools to bring to the shop, including a couple of hoists, and a tire balancer.

Currently, we have one complete, running Lemons car, and our new car is in pieces, waiting to be put together.  We also have a 28' enclosed trailer, that in a perfect world, we could park on the same site as the shop.

Interested in hearing about any ideas you may have.  Right now, it is looking iffy for the July Gingerman race, so the team is not is the best of moods...


Re: Looking for garage space Macomb County MI

Man, I've been looking for ages to find anything in Austin storage-wise for my couple cars. One's in a friend's driveway and the other's at a track that closes at 5 in the winter—ouch.

Have you tried Craigslist? The parking/storage and commercial space sections might have something.

Re: Looking for garage space Macomb County MI

Thanks, I look at CL from time to time but no luck.  If my brother had bought the house with the pole barn we would be golden, but he's selfish...

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When I lived in Chicago, we would rent someones tiny 1-car garage for $150/mo and that worked fine for us. If it was warmer, a driveway would be equally sufficient.

I don't see why not having a shop would prevent you from making a race.

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Re: Looking for garage space Macomb County MI

I am pinging some semi-local teams to you but kind need to understand the car in pieces bit.  The trailer and ready car I can maybe find you accommodations that will also allow you to make the July race.  Maybe.