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Guest drove with Cerveza again this race and man was it an epic one. With 90 minutes to go, Nemo Miata and I battled for the lead for 15 laps with gap under 5 seconds the entire time. Both of us were setting fast lap after fast lap and at one point the gap was 0.1 seconds at the start/finish. The track was pretty empty, and the cars that were left were very courteous(thanks for that!!), so both of us were able to get a lot of clean laps in. I got lucky with a yellow flag with 10 minutes to go where I was able to squeeze past two cars that slowed before a tower showing a yellow which Nemo then got stuck behind. This allowed me to build a 45 second lead over 2 laps which I held until the end to take the win! Shout out to Steve for the great clean driving!

I'll edit the battle into a video later but for now I just pulled out my fast lap, 3:26.0:

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Awesome lap; that was an epic duel! We were wondering what caused Nemo to drop back after being nose to tail for so many laps, so thanks for posting how the gap developed.

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For the record.  The Metropolitan was not slowing for the Yellow...