Topic: Drivers for Upcoming Buttonwillow Lemons

Driver(s) looking for team to join.  Experience extensive at Buttonwillow Race Track.

Basil Smith

Re: Drivers for Upcoming Buttonwillow Lemons

Hi Basil Smith,

I am looking to join Le-Mons. I have SCCA Solo experience and am looking to get into Racing. I know how to keep it clean and drive safely.
I am also a Mechanical Engineer with some experience working on cars and a good vehicle dynamic understanding.

I am currently in South Dakota and am willing to travel if we plan to go with this.

Let me know what do you think about it.

V. Mistry.

Re: Drivers for Upcoming Buttonwillow Lemons


I can drive fast and efficient, meaning I can look after the tyres, brakes and the fuel.

See you big_smile

Re: Drivers for Upcoming Buttonwillow Lemons

I am interested in driving at Button Willow.  I would be glad to share with expenses, and I have mechanical skills.  I have been involved with championship winning endurance cars including 1981 Daytona 24, and I even have race team management experience, but I am looking to drive and have fun.  I will bring it back in one piece.

I just got back from Germany and drove 6 laps in a spec car at the Nürburgring, and had a blast passing and being passed on that beautiful narrow legend.  I now have the bug again, and Lemons is awesome.

Please contact me I am very interested in getting back out there having fun.


total 12 Laps Nürburgring:  Ford Sierra, and ISBA B Spec.
Willow Springs: 25 Laps Super Production Chevy Camero long course
Laguna Seca: 230 Laps Formula Ford, Formula Mazda:  Team Manager tested up to 46 race cars per week for quality and to keep them equal as possible.

10 Years of Moto Cross Semi Pro.
Porsche Club and SCCA Auto Cross 3 years Porsche 914, 911s.

If you are interested I would love to get out there again, please email me