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Rookie team looking for a driver for the June 29th- July 1st race at Gingerman. 

Team is from the Mpls/St Paul area driving a 2001 Daewoo Leganza (attempting the class C exemption) so we might even look competitive for awhile in class but no guarantees.  Don't care if you're slow as long as you keep the car on its wheels and out of trouble.  If you're interested let me know and we can discuss more details and costs.

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There is no attempt.  You will get it.

I got nothing for you but these two nuggets...maybe three:

A lot of regular teams will not be there so it ups your odds for IoE
It also makes finding spare drivers a bit harder
Make sure to sign up for the Friday night potluck or at least plan to come

I am running a two car team this time but a few of my drivers might end up interested in buying stints if you just end up having to race with 3 (they won't bump you for that, just sign up who you have).

Lastly, Marc Furman (sic?) is up in your area and races and Accent.  He usually struggles to find drivers as well but he is a long time Lemons vet that might be able to help with little stuff between now and then.

No matter what, come by the first three reserved electric spots by the timing tower and say hello.  I am the guy with the out of control beard and super fluffy dog.  We run the 1947 Plymouth and the Dustbuster minivan.  When you need something...our three paddocks are the best place to start.

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As OnkelUdo said, I live a couple hours away and would be glad to come down and lend a hand getting the car ready if needed. I have plenty of experience with crappy Korean crap cans. I may possibly be interested in joining your team. We weren't planning in racing our Hyundai this summer. You can shoot me a line at Fuhrman16 at hotmail . com.

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Dozen time loser. You'd think I'd know better by now.

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Thanks for insights, we're all looking forward to it and we'll make sure to stop in and say hi if we aren't too busy trying to keep our heap on track.  I'll send you an email Marc, some experience would certainly be helpful as we get finished up and ready.

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Still looking? I've never run in Lemons before so I cant promise I'll be fast but I am confident in my ability to stay on the track safely.

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if your still looking, I'm an easy going guy, I'm a good wrench and a newb driver located in northern suburbs.

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Still looking for a driver?

About me: 
Recently moved from Cali with a bunch of recent Lucky Dog and Chump races at Laguna Seca and Buttonwillow in the last year and a half.  A race win and a couple podiums including a 3rd overall during a 24 hour during that time.  Miatas, Mustangs, Nissan 300ZX.  Lots of HPDE laps at Gingerman, Grattan, Mid-Ohio, and Waterford Hills, in same class of cars.  Raced SCCA Spec Miata.  Raced shifter karts with SKUSA on these same tracks more than a few years back.  A few racing schools including 4-days at Bondurant in Formula Fords and Utah (Miller) Motorsports in Focus RS (daily driver).  I like to pass but race clean and take care of the car -- references available from past team leaders / car owners.   Enjoy working the pits, race strategy, etc.  6'0" tall.