Topic: Colorado - Route Sucky Suck - and back?

They say I never do anything adventurous. I'll show them!

Some random kid in his late twenties from Colorado here. As a result of developing Rod Knock in what was supposed to be my "camping adventure" truck I've basically committed myself to doing the Route Sucky Suck rally. I figure if I can't have any mountain fun this summer I can at least make up for it with an ill advised road trip several thousand miles from here.

Basically all my mechanically inclined friends are supposedly occupied for the event dates so I'm looking for some poor fool from Colorado to rally with. Ideally I'd like to team up with someone who's knows how to wrench, has an appreciation for garbage anime and would be willing to split the costs with me.  I can offer storage for some terrible car (no HOA, woo), space to work on said car, terrible acoustic covers of songs you don't know and cold beer.

Most of my automotive knowledge comes from early 90's Nissan stuff and all my tools are in Metric sizes. I can wrench at a B+ level but I don't know how to weld. I don't have a lift, but I do have a harbor freight cherry picker and plenty of gumption. Tentative plans are to buy some Sub $1000 car, "improve it", drive it to Chicago and see how far we get before we get pulled by the cops for having CO license plates. Best case scenario we make it back to Colorado with the car mostly intact. Worst case scenario we are forced to fly Spirit Airlines home. Whatever works.

I have a fondness for tiny FWD Econoboxes and shit-tier muscle cars. I'm thinking something like a Ford Festiva or a barely running Firebird. Cheap poorly wired Underglow is a must in both scenarios. Open to suggestions as long as it's not 95'-18' Volkswagen Group. My little Nissan D21 4x4 should have a engine by late august (assuming the machine shop didn't lose my block) so if all else fails I'll force her to do the rally as penance for dying right when the weather got warm.

What could possibly go wrong?

Re: Colorado - Route Sucky Suck - and back?

Are you on the Facebooks? As much as I "HATE-HATE-HATE" (name that JRPG villain) directing people from the Lemons forums to that sweltering social media trashpile, there's a FB group titled "Colorado Lemons Mafia" that you'd probably do well to join. Most of the good folks with bad ideas that I know in that area are in that group.

Re: Colorado - Route Sucky Suck - and back?

I actually don't keep Facebook on my phone for the sake of my own sanity but when I'm home and near a computer again I'll give it a look. Thanks for the heads up!

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You can try the Lemons Rally Discussion Facebook or Lemons Rally Midwest Contingent groups on Facebook, also. As far as FB groups go--especially Lemons-related onces--they're pretty manageable. Just make sure you vet anybody you find on FB.

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