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We've been invited back. I know. It's a trap or something.

This will be our, third, or fourth, I forget, time and I think for our first show I mentioned a big motivation was to provide contrast with and balance to the Euro Sunday exhibit. Well, I think we were successful because last year they got their exhibit moved far, far away from us.

Sometimes we even get ourselves on TV, on Sunday at 6:00 AM.

It's actually kinda fun, telling unsuspecting innocents what "real racing" is really like then trying to convince them we do it in the cars they see around them.

Every half hour or so Adrian (Faster Farms Belvedere) gets into a rev-off with the vintage motorcycle guys. Adrian always wins.

Last year someone suggested we build a car at the exhibit. Imagine it - welders a-firing, sparks a-flying, oil a-spurting, little Johnny and Janie asking their handlers if they can do that to the family minivan. Limited power is available. Should we?

If we arrive early we can sneak out onto the autox course set up by Toyota, Dodge, etc. They are narrow courses marked by virtual walls of cones, so we'd have a chance to turn in impressive negative-time runs.


Link to last year's thread on this: … 1850174360

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I can probably find you some Austin Americas to resurrect there on site...

What's the date?


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Spank wrote:

I can probably find you some Austin Americas to resurrect there on site...

What's the date?


That would be awesome. I'll start making inquiries on this, to see if they will even let us.

Would you be here to do the build? I'm sure Mike will be happy to help. I would too but would probably just get in the way.


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Uh, No, but I can do another run of the t-shirts for anyone who wants to go play

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Nick loves the idea. The more I think about it the more I like it.

If we could get 5 or 6 or 20 people on this, all in "uniform", a motor team, brakes team, cage team, paint and theme team... Quite the spectacle.

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Actually, you should use an opel. It would be a good pilot episode for your Flock of Opels idea. … 06180.html … 04200.html

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Here's the email I sent to my contacts from last year's show. It lays out the plan as things stood this morning. The possibility of going with an Opel Ascona has since popped up and I have heard back from Stacey, the event organizer, and she loves the idea.

"m610' wrote:

Last year someone suggested we build a Lemons race car during the Sacramento auto show. That sounded great, and terrible, and fortunately for me impossible as I was already committed to about 600 miles of towing to get cars to the show. This year, less towing, more showing.

And more building.

If our host is OK with it and enough people are on board, we'll do it.

Here's what I've got for a plan so far.

  1. Spank can provide (possibly) an Austin America. ("Someone" will have to go get it.)

  2. Spank has also offered to do another run of his fantastic UAW (United America Wrenches) shirts, which will be our "uniforms".

  3. We borrow an enclosed trailer that we'll use to transport tools and parts and for a safe place to lock things up at night.

  4. Power is available, 110 AC, via rather long extension cords. Generator?

  5. We'll put down plywood or whatever is needed to not ruin the bricks.

  6. We'll build and install the cage, spectators agog and aghast.

  7. With the car on jack stands we'll do what is needed for the brakes, and suspension.

  8. With the engine in or out, someone will get it ready.

  9. With sanders and bondo and rollers or rattle cans we'll make it look good (enough).

  10. We'll need a theme.

  11. We'll need a finale.

  12. We'll need ways to engage our audience. Signups and interviews for drivers and crew?

  13. CrazyMike knows Minis well. Build supervisor/consultant, kicking back under the shade of his Vanagan shouting orders?

  14. I suppose we'll need some money for parts, tubing, etc. Also possibly for vinyl. Got any ideas for a sponsor?

What say ye?

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Since I live in sac, I should participate...and be available in october, so count me in for a stupid build.
I have this 90 Tercel hatchback that I keep trying to give away but can't get myself to crush, so maybe that
would be a good one to build.  With a fwd drivetrain, not a big engineering project, but I always
wanted to put in a  subaru setup in back midengine.

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On second thought, wouldn't the k-car be the right thing to fix, as it has a big story behind it already,
which the spectators would probably like to hear, and see the actual junk pile.

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Jay has promised some money to help make this happen. So, you know it is a bad idea.

A modern car would probably be better, and maybe more relate-able to spectators, but not as interesting.

Whatever car we do this with I think putting the cage in, and other iconic race gear, should be part of this.

I'm partial to the Ascona at this point, being Opel and knowing how to work on it and not knowing how to work on other cars, and it being a bit unusual, and really basic, as in no ECU, etc.

Since last night I've been hit with offers of five Opel GTs.

All suggestions welcomed.

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An Opel GT with a Jag v12, that kind of stupid build will get attention.  Has to be driveable in 3 days

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If you do the 5 Opel GTs, I'll make a point of coming up to help weld in a cage even if only for a day...




That's gotta be some Guiness World Record if ya pull it off.

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Thought I'd post a video I ran into that shows a jag v12 put in a Triump GT6.   Now this would take more than 3 days...

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I will selfishly offer to sponsor and provide the car. 74 Dodge Drat. Theme=Dodge Lawn Dart.

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OK, so far we have the following possibilities for builds:

Opel Ascona
Dodge Dart
El Camino

All are interesting, even the Cavalier, in a certain light, but what is needed is not for someone to drop a car on me but to own the build and assemble a crew to build and race it. I mean, someone is going to have to take this thing home, eventually.

I'm partial to the Ascona for several reasons, such as having spare parts on hand, having spare almost-engine, and having just negotiated discounts on whatever new parts are needed. Plus, Opels are the only cars I know how to work on, efficiently.

Several of my team have expressed an interest, especially because we'll run it at Sears Point. (I've pretty much retired the Tinyvette from Sears Point races.)

The other cars suggested are also good candidates so don't let my preference for an Opel discourage you. If your car idea is real and you want it to happen, let me know and start putting a team together. Even if you don't have a full crew I can find people to help with the build at the show. Plus I'll help with other stuff like plywood to put under our cars, tarps, drink, whatever else is needed in a general sense to help make this happen. John Pagel has offered to bring tools to build the cage. I need to talk to him to get more info on that.

Ideally, what we want our audience to see is how (relatively) cheap and (relatively) easy getting a car ready to race is. I picture the process looking a little like a Monster Garage scene with the car getting stripped, then jacked up, sparks flying as a cage is installed, while someone else is rebuilding the brakes, while someone else is swapping a motor, while someone is installing the seat and harness, while someone else is prepping for and then painting the car. By the end of the weekend the car comes off the jack stands and is driven.

So long story short, if you want to do the build, do it, and I'll support you in any way I can. If the Ascona thing takes off, and there are no serious alternatives, I'll do the Ascona. If there are serious alternatives, contact me.

By the way, I see no reason why we couldn't build two cars during the show.



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It looks like the Ascona is a go.