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Topic: 1998 VW Golf GTI - Ready to race - $2800 - SF Bay Area, CA


We need to sell our (3rd?, 4th? generation) Lemons car since our storage arrangement for it has fallen through, this needs to be gone in the next couple of months and would be a great class B starter car for a new team.

We have owned the car for 2 years now after buying it off another team who bought it off some other team who rebuilt it from some other Lemons car... it's safe to say this car has been around. We have fixed a lot of minor things and a few major ones since we bought this car (new full exhaust, sparco endurance harness, OE clutch, legit wiring). I'm confident that the car is in much better shape than when we got it, and as-is will pass tech without issue.

We finished last race in Thunderhill with no flags, no breakdowns and in 10th place in class B, 28th overall and we take it pretty chill, fill at the pumps and swap drivers out on half tanks if they get tired. Our fastest lap time was around 50th best, so this car doesn't win on speed but on handling, consistency and (since we fixed a bunch of stuff) reliability. If you're right foot is in eco mode, stint length can be stretched to 2hr45min on the stock 13gal tank.

This car is ready to race. If you want to race it at Buttonwillow in September or Sonoma in December we will be around and can help you make your first race in the car a success.

If anyone on the forums knows of us, we are building a new car that we can store and move more easily, so this isn't the end for us!

Asking $2800 for the car, spares, service manuals, all our cost/repair documentation. We can't transport the car easily, so you need to come pick it up.

From the CL Ad:

1998 VW Golf GTI for sale.

2.0 I4 16v ABA
5spd transmission from a 1986 VW Rabbit (closer gear ratios)
Techtonics exhaust with Magnaflow muffler
Unknown performance race cam
Lemons legal roll cage built by Evil Genius
MOMO racing seat on sliders
Fully adjustable coilovers, but they're dialed the fuck in so don't fully adjust them
6pt Sparco racing harness certified til 2022
Cool box mount
Laser cut custom fuse panel to run whatever stupid electronics you want
Covered in chalkboard paint so your friends/family/rivals can draw messages of support or pictures of dicks all over the car

New driveshafts in the front. New wheel bearings all around. Clutch changed four races ago.
New front brake calipers and brake pads with one race on them.

Comes with a spare set of wheels and tires, spare block, spare transmission, spare driveshafts, and a few large storage bins of other random spares

Lemons legal for the 2018 rules. Put in a battery and show up at tech ready to race.

Last raced at 24 Hours of Lemons at Thunderhill in May of 2018 to a 10th place finish in B class, 28th overall. Handling is sublime. Super solid and reliable car, limited only by the mediocrity of its drivers.


Re: 1998 VW Golf GTI - Ready to race - $2800 - SF Bay Area, CA

this is an awesome way to start racing... The monthly workout is easy enough leading to a race in less than 4 months and the hard work is done. Get your race tires ordered and your team will be chomping at the bit to get this little screamer on the track. That may be my 44 in the background but VW power and front drive are a great way to get into budget road racing. Evil Genius cage would you cost you the asking price alone, probably more these days.

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Re: 1998 VW Golf GTI - Ready to race - $2800 - SF Bay Area, CA

Thanks for the support Jeff!

We also have a new set of tires for the next race, not included in the sale but happy to cut a deal on those with anyone who takes the car smile

Re: 1998 VW Golf GTI - Ready to race - $2800 - SF Bay Area, CA

Reduced to $2500. Come take our (great) race car off our hands so we can build something worse and less reliable!

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