Topic: Thompson 2018 Camaro spinout

Our car got a good shot of this action:

The rest of the soaked in car video can be found at

As always, it was great racing this weekend with you all. So sorry for all the maladies we may have caused you on the race track.

-Team PunisherGP

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Re: Thompson 2018 Camaro spinout

Nice video of our car. Broke the factory panard bar in our bone stock, 100k+ mile, built in 7 days, 95 Camaro. It sent us around, no stopping on the grass in the rain!. We are new to this whole game, even made the mistake of being on junky street tires. But we are learning.... we brought a knife to a gunfight. But be aware that we are currently sharpening that knife.

Re: Thompson 2018 Camaro spinout

ouch, rear end caught some big air...

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Re: Thompson 2018 Camaro spinout

Wow great shot!