Some of you signed up with non-functional email addresses, so I feel obligated to post this everywhere I can.

The Monterey Car Weeeeak is nearly upon us! This means we should cover a few things, some of which went out in the email I sent August 7, but most of it bears repeating.

(1) Online registration and payment will close Sunday at Midnight PST. If you haven't paid already, you can still pay through that time or you can show up Tuesday morning with the entry fee ($425) in cash, though we'd prefer online payment. (If you've paid already, give me a danged high-five!)

(2) SEND ME YOUR INSTAGRAM INFO VIA FORUM MESSAGE OR TO THE EMAIL BELOW. Almost none of you did this yet. What's up with that? You need an Instagram account to score points on the rally. Please respond with the following so I can get a headstart on the scoreboard (even if you've run the rally before):

Your Team Name
Your Car
Your Instagram Account
Your Mascot (Name and a brief description, if you can. If you don't have one, we'll have a bag of mascots to choose from)

(3) We start and end at the same place: Laguna Grande Park on Canyon Del Rey Blvd. across the street from Seaside (CA) City Hall (See attached). Registration/Check-in is Tuesday from 7-9 am. Once you're checked in and have your route book, you can go on your merry way.

(4) You will need the following to check in:

- Your car's registration card and insurance policy.
- The driver's licenses for all people who will drive the car.
- A smartphone with an Instagram account (See above).
- Enough food for a full day (for when you get stranded and need to wait on a tow in BFE).
- At least 1 gallon of water per person per day, preferably more since we'll be traversing the desert.

(5) Camping at the end of Day 3 is optional but will be a good time.

To clarify: The Day 3 camping is not in "Desert Camp, California," but is a campground in the middle of the desert about the same distance from Victorville or Barstow.

Questions? Concerns? Requests for decent therapists? Shoot an email to me ( or to Steve McDaniel (

Good luck!

Eric Rood
Everything Bagel, 24 Hours of Lemons