Topic: PBRT for Gingerman Oct 13-14

Park bench racing team is looking for 1-2 A&D. We have raced in the Northeast since 2013 I think. Car is a 2002 Buick Regal supercharged, Class B. Won Class C at NHMS in 2017.

Re: PBRT for Gingerman Oct 13-14

I'm a 5-year Lemons veteran with 2 IOE's with 2 different teams.  Would love to try something more serious.  not much at wrenching, but sometimes have good ideas.  team player who doesn't require tons of seat-time (i like short stints).

let me know...

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Re: PBRT for Gingerman Oct 13-14

I will vouch for Daveryay (edit: despite the fact he's internet-challenged and can't pick a username properly) all day long - he'll bring your car back intact


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Re: PBRT for Gingerman Oct 13-14

I like long stints at night and unicorns. Have many years of Lemons experience, but I haven't been to a race this year. Have raced at GM 3x, have driven great cars, midpack cars and terrible cars (yes, I drove the Track Pillagerz! Buick).

If you still have a driver slot available, I'm interested. You can email me at my user name at the Gmail dot com.

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