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Team has been racing Lemons since 2010, we have 2 cars and are in need of two people that are serious about their fun. 1989 Ford probe originally built at Wyotech and was the team car, when that closed we called it reduction in force because we received a RIF(we are thinking of changing it). The other car was/is the car we built for our wives, team MyDoll 3-series BMW with a 6' tampon on the roof. Usually we race and support both cars but not sure of the future of Mydoll so might be just the Probe. I am AJ the team captain, I do most of the Fab and coordinate and I pay for the parts on the car. Brad my teammate worked with me back at Wyotech. We are both mechanics and we have a fleet of support vehicles, tools, and infrastructure. We do this TO HAVE FUN and enjoy the race and seat time. We are not trying to blow up the car getting the fastest lap time and we are looking for others as well that feel the same. I have two rules, 1) if you want to drive the car you, have to work on it so you have sweat in the game (and do not feel the urge to hit the wall immediately). 2) when either car is in the pits so are you, until it is back on track. If you were dumb enough to want to join us, we meet at my house in Penryn (near Roseville look at the map) for one Saturday about every other month. We both have families and lives, so if you are looking for a team that follows the series like the grateful dead we ain't it. We want to do at least one race a year but no more than two a year due to financial and time obligations. But if you are local, have at least a barnyard mechanics ability and can keep from blowing a clutch and hitting every car on track I want to speak with you. Teammates are responsible for their own uniform (I may have one I can sell you minus the helmet and restraint), comp license,25% of the entrance fee, and food and shelter at the track. I am not looking for a paid driver but someone who wants to meet some new friends and have some fun racing. If you think you are gods gift to race car driving we are not for you. We have a solid class B race car, but it is not reliable so we want the car to be performing and tested BEFORE we sign up for a race. So if you have a good attitude and willing to give up some time and money for some fun let me know. Thank you

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Eric Garretson 9494362771 sent a reply if you didn't get it call me about Lemons

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Please call or text me asap, I am 6'2" if that is a issue.  Agree with everything you wrote an sound like a group I would like to be around.  Sharing expenses no problem, I  only need to use a cool suit which I can supply if needed.

Please let me know i am ready to help and whatever you need.

Eric Garretson 949-436-2771

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Because I have been with multiple iMSA including the 1981 24 hour of Daytona.  I don't beat equipment because you have to finish to win a race!  I just drove the Nurburgring and still have good safe pace

I  won't beat your car

Eric Garretson