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Topic: DONE - Need at least 1 driver - MSR Houston 24 hours 10-11 Nov 2018

UPDATE 10/10/18 - We're all set for drivers now, thanks to everyone that responded.  See you on the track!

Fort Worth, TX based team looking for another driver for MSR Houston, 24 Hours 10-11 Nov 2018.

We are a solid crew with 6 Races experience, on our 2nd car, 95 Mustang 5 speed.

Car & Crew is good to go - car is ready.   We just need help covering the extra hours in this race, extra fuel costs, etc. 

Hopefully you have at least some experience and your own suit or you can rent one. 

We're serious about having fun racing - hopefully you're not offended by harsh language (often required to keep the car running) or uncomfortable at a party.

Learn more here:  https://www.facebook.com/LetsRockRacing/

text me:  682-498-9589