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Topic: 2 drivers looking for seats for CMP in Nov

I am a very experienced and clean driver and have won overall in Lemons, Chump, and AER.  My brother lives in Camden SC and has done some track days at CMP, but no W2W experience.  Both of us a good wrenches and will absolutely love to be part of the team and help out. 
Since my brother is new to W2W, we would be looking for a team that is more in it to have fun and learn than going for an overall win. 
I am a professional racing coach so would prefer a car that has a right seat and is doing the test day on Friday and help any team members that would like to improve their times or skills.  I am also sponsored by Autosports Labs and can bring a couple different versions of their Race Capture products if you are interested in having data telemetry throughout the race and learn how you can use it to monitor the car on track as well as how to analyze data to provide live feedback during the race to help your drivers become faster.  If you already have a Race Capture device or are thinking about getting one, I can help set it up for you.  I also can do live streaming video.  If you have seats available, please let me know about the team, car, and how much per seat.  Thanks!


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Re: 2 drivers looking for seats for CMP in Nov


May have an open seat at CMP in Nov this year.  Will more than likely have TWO open seats for December's Road Atlanta race,  Will certainly have two open seats for spring CMP (legit 24 hours race) next year.

What say you?

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Re: 2 drivers looking for seats for CMP in Nov

Great driver and very clean out on track.  If I was not doing A&D myself, I'd be thrilled to have him on my team.

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Re: 2 drivers looking for seats for CMP in Nov

Want to drive Nov 3/4 at CMP? I need a 5th driver/fuel man/wrench turner/beer drinker w/e

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