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Topic: K Komeback

So once again we fools attempt to resurrect the K for reasons!

Space Frank has called upon us after the K has sat in a 4 year slumber in the dark lands of south west Ohio.

EyeMWing wants to drive it on the 2019 Escape from Moscow rally in order to deliver it to the waiting hands of NSF where it can be born anew into a thing of madness.

I being a fool of the highest caliber, and living less than 3 hours from where the K sleeps, will retrieve the K and all the bits that hopefully haven't been thrown out.

But all is not well, this is no simple repositioning and buff up. At the last race the K dimmed with it's presence Button Turrible 2014 it had a catastrophic drivetrain failure. Engine, gone, transmission gone, transmission mount, stripped from the violence of the failure. Following that, a piece of the engine was flung in fury at the windshield which now may need replacing as well.

When the car was delivered to chevette the interior harness and possibly the engine harness were removed with the intention of performing some manner of oil burning engine swap before the K fell out of the memory of man.

So, this thing's probably gonna need a mostly whole donor car in order to get in running condition, which is being looked at at multiple fronts. Looking at the history the 6G72 seems to be not completely terrible specifically the one built by Escape Velocity Racing out of the first two 6G72s as long as you don't bring it to a 3 hour sprint race, so probably nother ona them has the best shot of getting to Barber from Moscow, PA.

I have a spread sheet full of project data fro keeping track of what's going on.
https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/ … sp=sharing

I'm adamantly NOT on FaceInstaTwitgramerbook so Space Frank will probably be on that side for the people who think Web Forums just don't offer enough BS, Ads, and addiction games for their taste.

Right now I intend on picking up the K following the race at Gingerman next week. From there we'll see how much of a nightmare it is or isn't.

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