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Topic: Schumacher Taxi Service looking for permanent teammates

A little bit about the team:  We've been doing Lemons for 10 years now.  We've done some outrageous cars including a completely cut down Crown Vic that was nothing but a cage and a wing.  We've done the stupidly fast cars - V6s in an MR2.  But we've settled down and now enjoy going to the track and hanging out with 200+ of our friends.  We race a '89 Mustang in B.  We do well but we've done everything we can to make it reliable vs. fast.  So our success is through good team manners vs. the go fast SRZ BZNS teams. 

But having done this for so long, teammates come and go.  So we are looking for a couple more people to fill in where others have left.  We like to do 3-4 races a year - NJMP, CMP Fall, Road Atlanta, and typically one more.  For 2019, we would like to do some combination of CMP Spring (24 hours), NJMP, Barber, RA, CMP Fall, and would entertain options to drive further.  We've done Thompson and NHMS before and between the drives, paddock, tracks, etc. if given a choice we would prefer not to go back.  Races typically cost between $700-$1000. 

The cars are located in the Doylestown area (about 5 miles north of Philadelphia) of PA. 

Send me a message via this forum and I'll get back to you.

--Rob Leone Schumacher Taxi Service
We won the IOE at Southern Discomfort.
We got screwed at The Real Hoopties of New Jersey  and we took cars down with us.
We got the curse at Capitol Offense but they wouldn't let us destroy the car.