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Hey guys,

I'm a senior photojournalism student at UNC, looking for a subject(s) for my photo story on Lemons at CMP, Nov 2-4. If your team is interested in letting me tag along before/during the race, please let me know!

As some background, I've been racing at CMP since I got my license at 16, but unfortunately my team (B&W Racing aka the red car with a fishbowl on top) couldn't make the race this year. Since I won't be driving, I decided to do a photo story on the race for my capstone course at UNC. If you're interested, please feel free to contact me!

See y'all there.


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Gonna post this over on the Unofficial 24....facepage with your permission.  Forums are less active than I would like and the KnoxVegas crew whoe would be a particularly interesting subject mater has couple folks on there.

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That would be great! Thank you.

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Duff Beer would do that, and we're all extremely photogenic, just not in the conventional way, kind of like a hillbilly on the porch of an Appalachian tar paper shack is photogenic, or actually just like that.

And we'll have a new (to us) race car there, so there should be plenty of shots of guys wielding wrenches instead of boring shots of a car driving around a track. Plus we're in Raleigh, so not far from UNC.

Everybody grab your brooms, it's shenanigans!