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we are doing NOLA this year. What do I need to know about the paddock before hand? Are garages available to rent? Covered areas? Bathroom areas? Best palce to set up my 20' trailer?

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Hmm... If only there was a place where the Lemons organizers would compile all of this information!!!

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No covered paddock spaces, but there were garages for rent last year even though I see no mention of it on the linked event page. They were both expensive and somewhat far from the rest of the paddock. The main paddock area is paved and expansive, plenty of room for your trailer. Bathrooms and showers are pretty nice, except for the fact that you can smell the septic tank about 200 yards before you get to the ones under the control tower. (Maybe don't set up your paddock near track-in.) There's a restaurant above the go-kart track with burgers and various Louisiana grill offerings if you forgot about lunch, but I don't know how late they stay open.

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The garage is VERY far from the track.  We rented a garage, then set up in the paddock and never really used the garage, overall a waste of money for us.