Topic: Pinto/Mustang II 3.40 rear axle- make offer

Any Pinto or Mustang II teams running the awful yet common 2.79 ratio rear end looking for an upgrade?  Very used but in good condition 6.75" Pinto rear axle with a 3.40 ratio.  New bearing and pinion seals plus fresh gear oil and only used at 2 races.  I turned the axle flanges down a bit, maybe 1/2" in diameter, so that we could change it to rear disc using Ford Fiesta MkI front calipers.  This setup works OK but could be improved upon.  Said axle is located in Kansas City and can be yours for a very ridiculously low offer.  What I mean is, please get this thing out of my shop as I'm tired of tripping over it but don't hate it enough to scrap it.  A case of Coors Banquet would likely suffice.

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