Topic: Mediocre Driver and Wrench, looking for 2019 Gulf/South Team/s

My name is Carl Bernstein, live in Louisiana, and am the team captain of Team Too Soon Junior with the Kenny Power's Jettaski. For 2019 I am taking a break from doing the team captain thing and leaving the car parked for a bit while I get some race logistics sorted out. Goal is I'll have my own towing setup for 2020.

In the mean time I'd love to come help some other team's have similar disappointment and failure at Lemons. Seven races under my belt and have seen the checkered for all but one. Barber our rear spindle collapsed with less than 2 hours to go and we were unable to get it rolling before the checkered came out. This is before we determined we had to go to the mk4 spindles due to the tiny mk3 spindles bending.

I've got experience with the following tracks that LeMon's runs in 2019.
- Barber (1 event)
- NOLA (1 event)
- MSR-H (1hpde, 4 events + test and tune here, have won B class once)

Things I've got goin for me:
-Have about 4 rugged radio batteries and 3 radios I can bring.
-Have a large HANS that everyone can use too.
-Have never black flagged.
-Don't tend to spill a bunch of fuel.
-Positive bank account balance.

Height is 5'10", so should fit average seat positions. I fit into a 17" Ultrashield with a little room, but will not fit in a tiny narrow seat. I've gotten a little thinner, so will re-measure in 2019. Helmet is already plumbed for an IMSA connector.

My Lemons experience has all been in FWD. My personal HPDE car is AWD. My RWD experience is limited to Autocross in Miata, Mustangs, etc and some street driving. Tend to be a bit more conservative and less risk prone. If you wanna watch me drive a slow Lemons car, I can link you to some youtube vids.

If you are gonna run ATL, Barber, MSR, NOLA in 2019 and need an extra wrench/tire warmer/spotter/mediocre driver let me know.

Re: Mediocre Driver and Wrench, looking for 2019 Gulf/South Team/s


Half-Fast Racing is a new team based in the Birmingham area, making our first race at Atlanta in December with a 2001 Beetle.  We're signed up for Barber's in Feb and for NOLA in March, and may run at CMP or Houston in 2019, depending on budgets and maintenance.  We have 4 team members now: one absolute rookie, one with 2 Lemons races (me, the team captain), and 2 with a good bit more racing experience.  Three of us have been driving with other teams at Barber's, NOLA and MSR, so depending on individual commitments we may have an opening for another driver.  Can't guarantee a seat yet so if you get a firm offer with another team take it, but I'll let you know if it looks like we'll have an opening in the spring.  We're planning to run pretty conservatively (especially for our first few races) so like your low-risk philosophy and we could sure use someone with VW wrenching experience.  Getting the Beetle ready to run sure has been a learning experience.  Call me if you want to discuss - 205-910-4966.

Stan Murrell

Half-Fast Racing (We're not real fast, we're just half-fast)