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Topic: MSR Houston - #32 Pistola Alto Lowlights

Race Summary: 
Our weekend started on the Friday test day with a transmission swap because the original one was difficult to shift without grinding. It turns out the spare had a blown up first gear and made the occasional metal grinding noise - we decided to run it anyway... We also had to modify the seat bracket because I was too tall to pass the broomstick test. At like 1am we melted some wiring when we aimed our lights. We rewired the lights on a separate circuit to remedy this and were ready to race at 3:30am.

1 hour into the race the spare transmission blew up spectacularly. 90 minutes later we had the original one back in. The car ran mostly great until 7am Sunday when the motor grenaded throwing the #6 rod out the side of the block. We were determined to take the checkered flag so we got to work patching everything up to hopefully finish on 5 cylinders. We removed the oil pan and pulled the broken rod and patched the side of the block. Unfortunately the #5 rod was also bent and got lodged in the cylinder preventing the motor from turning over. We tried our best to cut it in half to remove it but ran out of time.

All the video was taken from the livestream recording so quality is not great unfortunately.

Low lights: https://youtu.be/4Y7vZeJecBw

Fast lap: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oJRS9NTQAew

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