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Lemons racing is dumb.
Time and money go to wast
When is the next race?

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Have lots of spare time
My shop is neat and spotless
I'll fix that: Lemons!

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My Racecar is broke
I fixed it I am genius
It is broke again

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Got carried away here:

Nick and Jay trick me
Glorious car fails again
Ramen Thanksgiving

Sorry we so slow
Trying really really hard
And we spin again

Dive-bombing crap cans
Gonna win on the next lap
Oops endurance race

My wife/co-driver (Class A Haiku writer) wrote these:

Hubby bought a car
Disappeared in the garage
Prize car piece of crap

Got black flagged again
Not my fault, I was in front
And I had the line

Button Turrible
Anniversary weekend
I blame Mike Spangler

Racing just for fun
Cuz we can’t beat that fast team
Cerveza Racing

It sounded like a
Good idea, put in turbo
Blew up on lap 5

Tortoise versus hare
Who will end up with more laps?
Don’t care, won’t be me.

He went to a race
He set out to build a car
He finished his car.

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Re: Lemons haikus

How not to fail tech
You read through dark lonely nights
Still your rollcage fails.

Re: Lemons haikus

Tears boil as steam roils
Fingers burn on head gasket
smiles at checker flag

Re: Lemons haikus

What could possibly
Go wrong it will probably
Be fine why u rune

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Re: Lemons haikus

Go fast in corner
Put on turbo if you dare
Welded trophy fair

Re: Lemons haikus

hehe there's some good ones. also we all have way to much time.

Owner/Captain of The 27 Club E46. Phoenix, AZ
and now the #95 Thunderbird