Topic: NorCal - anyone looking to permanently join a team?

Anyone local to the NorthBay area up to Ukiah or etc. interested in joining a team?

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Re: NorCal - anyone looking to permanently join a team?

Hey, would you be able to provide more information? I am interested on becoming a member to a team,  though i dont have a lot of experience with Lemons but I am looking forward to learn more!

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Re: NorCal - anyone looking to permanently join a team?

Hi - I'd like to learn more for sure.

For some quick background:  I live here in Petaluma and would be glad to grab coffee & chat.  I've autocrossed for about a year before tracking roughly monthly for the past 5 1/2 years, primarily at Sonoma. I track mostly with NASA but also with Trackmasters & SpeedSF.  I run group 4 with NASA and am currently getting a 1:58 at Sonoma in a 2012 BMW 135i.  I've done Lemons 5 times - but our team broke up when the owner moved to Australia (BoobieTrap was the team - a teale colored 1990 Audi 90 that literally had boobs in the back, in case that rings a bell!).  I've tracked Thunderhill a couple times in my car and twice (5 mile) for Lemons -and 3 times with Lemons at Sonoma.  I've got all the gear - just finally interested in getting back into the adrenaline pumping fun of Lemons.  Feel free to drop me a reply if you'd like to chat further.