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Topic: Hopes & Dreams Racing is looking for Permanent Team Members

Hopes & Dreams Racing is the love child of Mica Gabala and Myself (David Carter). We've been able to "compete" for that last 2 years thru sheer grit and determination, as well as the talent of the many paid drivers that join us each race.  We are looking forward to the 2019 season as we are registered for all of the 2019 NE region races.


We are located in North East Pennsylvania 20min south of Wilkes-barre, PA. It does not matter your locality to us, but your willingness to travel regularly. It'd be great if you were local, but then you'd probably know us by now.

We are looking for as many Permanent team members as there are willing to squander their time and money in an imaginary endeavor to "go fast". More specifically, we are looking for individuals who ARE financially committed and WILL be able to put time toward the maintenance, upkeep & race preparations of the team car and transport.


The car and transport and holdings(anything to do with racing) are under an LLC. Permanent team members will be added to the charter.
As far as costs to be expected, its roughly 800-1000 a race per person. That doesn't take into consideration wrecking and breaking things that will be split evenly between team members.

As of writing this (no jinx) the car is an oil change and tires short of being ready for the 2019 season.

If your looking to just be a driver, there will be a separate posting for that as needed but we are not currently looking for new drivers.

Any and all questions can be sent to Hopesanddreamsracinginc@gmail.com

David Carter
Mica Gabala

Re: Hopes & Dreams Racing is looking for Permanent Team Members

I'm digging the bus-transporter thing!  Did you do the conversion?

Re: Hopes & Dreams Racing is looking for Permanent Team Members

I can just see this going down the interstate in glorious Lemons fashion! I bet there are a lot of people pointing and saying" I wish I could do that!"   Or you know, something similar. I really think this is what glorious leader had in mind to start with! Good luck in your search!

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