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Topic: Need anything smallish moved from Vegas to LA to Seattle?

Since taking the epic journey to MI to buy a Lemons car, then driving it (under it's own power) back to Seattle, I'm feeling itchy for another road trip.  Poor Decisions continue. 

Short version is this.  I'll be renting a 12' box truck in Vegas on Sat., 1/19, grabbing some parts, then driving toward LA, getting even more parts on Sunday, 1/20 before heading north to arrive in Seattle later Monday.  I'm an idiot.  I can tell by reading what I just wrote.

Anyway, who wants in?  You'd pretty much have to meet me freeway side, throw something in the truck that isn't actually filled with narcotics, and get the hell out of the way.  Should have some room for small, heavy items or large, light items. 

Contributions to defray costs are welcome (expected) unless I somehow owe you already.  Or I feel my karma needs adjusting.

DM if your common sense is so damaged that you need to get involved with me.  Otherwise, stay away.