Re: Crossover car - ChumpCar & Lemons

Mr.Yuck wrote:

In Champcar, pretty much everybody is fast. And the drivers aren’t afraid to go 3 wide or push their way thru.

Show me a ChampCar with straight fenders and I'll show you a car that's never been raced in that series before.  Think NASCAR short track-style driving, but on a road course.

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Re: Crossover car - ChumpCar & Lemons

That is true however we have been side swiped by the same car in 2 differrent Lemons races, he even jammed it between me and another driver entering the straight at NJ, If I had not moved over he would have punted both of us, And FWIW I drove by him by the time we got into turn one. One hit might be in the video I posted. (passenger door) Drove over our splitter. He could have cut his tire.

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