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Topic: Audi Quattro Race Car SOLD

Have you always wanted to race the Audi that inspired the 1988 IMSA Audi 90 racing icon?!  Well this is as close as you are going to get for $2,000.   You won’t be the fasted on the track (Class C), but she will consistently turn laps, rain or shine.  And with the forgiveness of AWD, this is a great car for starting a new team or with rookie drivers.

PLUS: This is a Lemons OG from the 2008 Altamont race.

For Sale:

   1987 Audi 4000CS Quattro
   2.2L 5-cyclinder in-line
   Legendary Quattro all-wheel drive
   LDRL/Lemons approved professionally built cage
   Clean title ready to go

Location:  SF Bay Area

Contact:  QuattroCervezasRacing@gmail.com

Race Pedigree:
   2018 LDRL Willow Springs – 8th in class out of 16 cars; 26th overall out of 64 cars
   2008 Lemons Altamont – 4th overall

Work Recently Completed:

   Engine Refresh:
      Fluid Flush (coolant, breaks, power steering)
      Water pump
      Tune up & timing

      Koni Shocks
      H&R Springs

      New windshield
      Lexan side and rear windows
      Bitchin Audi race livery

      One-race used brakes
      One-race used tires

What you need to go racing:
   Seat harness
   Window net
   Fire suppression system
   Race seat

Pictures available at Craigslist - SF Bay Area.  Search "Audi Quattro Race Car"

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She is still looking for a happy home.


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Less than 70-days to the Thunderhill race.  Get a jump start on your race prep with a fully caged recently raced car.

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Will the new owners have it at Thunderhill?

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