Topic: 2 seats available for Autobahn

RBR has 2 seats we are still working to fill for the April Autobahn race. the Vehicle is still somewhat of a secret, however I can tell you this about it:

1. it wont be fast
2. it will be a Lemons first
3. it wont be fast
4. it will be safe
5. it will be an Automatic Vehicle that will be able to fit larger drivers such as my self, and down to a smaller driver(normal in size)
6. it wont be fast
7. it will be a Vehicle on a race track not a race car on a race track! it wont be fast!

Any interest feel free to email me we can talk, if you decide you want the seat then we will add you to build thread.

we will be running 2 other cars this race, so there may be available seat time open on one of those but there is no guarantee on that.

the Available seats are $500 ea, includes fuel etc. you will be responsible for room and board. fee to be paid directly to Lemons(entry code sent directly to you by me)
everyone will be required to help at each pit stop, wrenching if needed is optional but recommended.
Driver will need to have all there own race gear.

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