Topic: Looking to Drive and Wrench - Anywhere, March 2019

Hey guys, how is it going?

My name is Filipe, I´m Brazilian and quite soon I will bee heading to the US to get some quick study at the Ohio University. BUT, before coming back to my home land I decided invest some time and money to get to know the racing culture and spirt you guys have. Also, I really enjoyed the Lemons race culture too!

I will be around Ohio but I´m willing to travell wherever needed to have this experience, and help the team with whatever they need. I´m really looking foward for some action behind the wheel too. I will be available by the beginning of March till the 17th of it.

My experience:
Down here I used to work in a prep garage, most cars where subarus and VW prepared for trackdays (their facebook: gstageperformance), and I´m currently preping and restoring my own car at home, dealing mostly with the suspension, and engine. Also I got some track time in my local racetrack participating in a few track days and some good experience with Karting too. Nevertheless I´m really good for bringing beer and good chat, if it´s what you need!

Thank for your time guys!

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Re: Looking to Drive and Wrench - Anywhere, March 2019

Well your only option is Sears Pointless March 09-10 So perhaps make a more focused driver looking for team post for Sears Point.

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Re: Looking to Drive and Wrench - Anywhere, March 2019

I have a seat available at NOLA at end of March