Topic: Looking to meet up with some drivers to get advice

Hey guys, I live in Pittsburgh, and I'll be running the Four-Bangors rally later this year. I'd really like to meet some Lemons people when they stop in the city tomorrow, is it kosher for a newbie to come out and pick the brains of people while they're on rally? I'd love to meet some of the people running Hell on Wheels as I'm likely to do it next run, and any advice for a young upstart would be lovely, and I'd love to buy a few beers to cover the costs of your trade secrets.

Re: Looking to meet up with some drivers to get advice

We did the M-P Rally last year, but can't this year.  My advice is to just show up at the 'official' hotel; brains will be ready for picking.  Also, don't take anything too seriously.  We met mostly Rally people and maybe one or two other teams that race, so if you are looking for race info you might not find much.


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