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ok, so what tires does Yokohoma have available and what prices?
Anyone going with the 4 for 3 deal at Seats Pointless.

Looking at TireRack, I see 300utg "S-Drive" tires  195-50-15 at $88   (205-50-15 are $100)

And for 200utg have to go up to 205-50=15,

Azenies 65k  $118
Yokohoma as the ADVAN NEOVA AD08 R  at $157

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Musta missed the 4->3 tire deal from Yokohama - was this somewheres among the BookFacePanOpticon that I gladly missed?

(I.e, hooptie needs tires, and while I finally found an awesome roundabout that made a great skidpad when it rains here in Norcal the wife didn't like it.. . .)

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here it is

Year Two of 24 Hours of Lemons' partnership with Yokohama Tire brings even more excellence: Awesome tires for our racers. For Sears Pointless @ HooptieCon (Confusingly Presented by Yokohama), racers may prepurchase Yokohama tires that will be brought directly to Sonoma Raceway.

Here's the deal:

Good - Starting February 1, you will be able to purchase Yokohama tires on a sweet Buy-3-Get-1-Free deal.

Better - You can buy up to three full tire sets per registered car. For the math-astute, that's up to 12 tires for the price of 9 of 'em.

Best - When you order, Yokohama will schlep your tires to Sonoma Raceway and mount them for free. That'll save you a few bucks on those pesky shipping and mounting costs.

How do I order?

All orders will have to be phoned in to Trackside Performance and prepaid during normal business hours (7 am to 4 pm) between 2/1 and 2/21. To reiterate, you will have to call Trackside on the telephone and tires orders begin only on February 1.

Yokohama will bring only preordered and prepaid tires to Sonoma. That means no additional stock for sale at the track, so you need to get your order in during the three-week sale period. It might help to take a look at Yokohama's site for tire information before you call to order from Trackside. Inventory varies on a daily basis, call Trackside to confirm availability.

Got questions? Send an email to Eric Rood ( or Drew Dayton ( to get more info.

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Great - better lay low when I get there, though, or I'll likely find my car missing its drivetrain (anyone need a 175k mile Ford 3.0 Duratec V6 that's been rock solid since new?)

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Thought I'd post some feedback for the other forum dwellers.

I called Trackside on some tires for the hooptie - P225/75R16s.
$126 and change/ea. via Tire Rack.

*** $111 + 4->3 _and_ delivered to the track for $free + I can mount them there on a flat patch of asphalt instead of in the mud  ***

Looks like I just _saved_ $250 via Lemons.... <pinches self>