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Topic: R.J.S Racing Suit For Sale - $50

Men's Small. I've got everything but the socks & shoes. Worn & washed for 6 races. Bonus, I wore underwear under the Nomex underwear, absolutely no freeballin, so that's nice. Here's what's included:

EDIT: GLOVES SOLD, price reduced.

  • RJS Nomex Underwear Pants 20203-2-SM
    RJS Nomex Underwear Shirt 20203-1-SM
    RJS Single-Layer Driving Suit 200030103
    G-FORCE G5 Gloves - Extra Small (SOLD)

Price new was $215 for the Underwear + Single-Layer Suit, totalling $215. Asking for $50. You'll need socks, shoes, gloves, & a helmet to be ready to race.


Re: R.J.S Racing Suit For Sale - $50

Update: gloves sold, price reduced.

Re: R.J.S Racing Suit For Sale - $50

I'm interested in the suit and underwear.  I sent you a PM but I'm not sure if it made it to you.  Please let me know if it's still available.