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Topic: SN95 Mustang stuff- $0-$100 norcal

Have a bunch of spares from our 1996 V6 Shagstang that met its demise in the wildfire.

Four Mustang 17x8 wheels. Fit 1994-2004, 5 bolt lug pattern, 4.5" circle. Three are silver five spoke style, one is ten spoke style with black paint.
Have worn 245x45x17 Falken Azeni tires on them, one with a cut sidewall but holds air.
$100 for all four.

New unused plain Centric 120 series rotors for Cobra brakes- in boxes. never used. Front and rear.
Tire Rack price for the four rotors is $48+$48+$36+$36= $168
•    Manufacturer Part #: 120.61044  (Front Left)  13"
•    Manufacturer Part #: 120.61045 (Front Right)  13"
•    Manufacturer Part #: 120.61046 (Two rear)  11.65"
$100 for the four.

PFC 97 compound rear brake pads-new- 0627.97.15.44 $132 new

Free: (motor was a 3.8L V6),
alternator,starter,PS pump, water pump,radiator, fan/shroud, A-arms, strut, shock, hubs, used brake pads, some bushings, some hoses, belt, buncha mirrors, and more!

call or text (707)953-3880