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Topic: Bloody Fast

I watched much of Cerveza's live stream Sunday at Sears-Pointless this weekend.  Though much of the time they could have benefited from a snorkel and periscope, during the dry bits several teams set solid fast laps.  I think the fastest was a 2:03!  I don't recall if that fastest lap was Cerveza's or someone else's, but several cars had fast laps under 2:10.

Since this was a different track layout than Lemons has used in the past, I was curious about what other series have used the same layout, so I looked it up.  In 2012 and 2013 WTCC raced there on the same layout.  I was able to find that the fastest qualifying lap (in a 310hp Chevy Cruze) was a 1:46, and the slowest qualifying lap was a 1:48. 

I think it is pretty impressive that beater cars like these, with 200tw tires in heavy traffic can put down times just 15 seconds a lap slower than these professional built sprint race cars with 300+ hp, racing slicks, multi-million dollar budgets, and pro drivers.

Just sayin' I'm impressed.

Re: Bloody Fast

I think with the conditions that a lot of teams were still figuring things out.  I bet a lot of drivers will cut multiple seconds off their fastest laps next time out.