Topic: Questions about bribes and gifts in exchange for tools.

So I have access to CAD and laser cutters and was debating on making some custom bottle openers to add the bribes.
So 1. Is this something the judges may actually like?
And 2. If so how many should I actually make?

Then I was also debating on making other ones to give out to teams Incase/when we need to borrow some tool we forgot to bring. So we would return the tool with some beer and a custom Lemons themed bottle opener. Is this something other teams would also like.

Being new I want to do something a little different but also something they would like. That and what better way to help race the turd then using a multi 100k machine then make gifts and grease the hands of others.

Re: Questions about bribes and gifts in exchange for tools.

Something like this?*/1S-1RMsBbQE4KZFiqIgZE4h2bjl9v6UgX … 36#p329536

Speaking as an occasional judge, yes, those make great bribes. Speaking as an occasional member of other teams, also yes, those make great gifts. Make many of them.

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Re: Questions about bribes and gifts in exchange for tools.

The best bribes are the ones that those who are bribed can either consume at the track in 1 evening or can take home with them in carry-on luggage on a plane.

You're on the right track and it sounds like your spirit is in the right place.