Topic: Mario and Luigi Kart is Coming to the Lemons Rally

Hello everyone,

I wanted to introduce myself and my team mate. My name is Brandon and my co driver is Kevin, we will be driving the Miata Kart on the rally. We have done a few rallies and can’t wait to do this rally in a completely new format with lower speeds and and a completely different type of cars.

I’ll see everyone in SC and looking forward to meeting you all. We are from Central Florida and will be driving up the day before the rally. Thanks for having us along.

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Re: Mario and Luigi Kart is Coming to the Lemons Rally

Pleased to meet you.
I’m Leahraffe half of Team Punchraffe. Drewraffe is the other half. We are completely new at this at complete hacks when it to modifications. Drew is unafraid to just figure things out so we have that going for us.
Our friend donated a Dodge Caliber to us which we are changing completely so now it’s the Ex-Caliber.
It’s home-handy, and we think it’s downgrade to a completely useless pickup truck is a vast improvement.

We will be heading to South Carolina from Minnesota. … jLv2dQEfww